User Interface Design

User Interface Design falls under the direction of the art director and should have a look that follows the theme or soul of the game or project.  As well as being perfectly functional they should also be fun to interact with.

In this gallery are some of the UI that I created myself as opposed to directing a bigger team and are mainly small games or apps.

The image left is the splash screen design for Mutttnik, a soviet inspired endless flying mobile game that unfortunately failed to launch.

One of the projects I worked on as art director, designer and graphic designer was the Response to Intervention, an informational mobile app for the Texas Education Agency through SMU.  I approached it as always by coming up with many ideas before starting to focus on the best ideas, dropping the bad ones and taking the design forward.

I boiled the first batch down to 4 concepts seen above, at this stage they are just vague directions that could be explored further.  After lots of exploration, meetings and more detailed design work we ended up with the look and function shown below.

Final menu design for Response to Intervention for SMU and the Texas Education Authority.

Here’s a gallery of other UI I have designed for a variety of game and serious projects.