1986 One of the youngest to receive High Commendation from the Royal Society of Arts.

1989 Selected for Aram International Design Exhibition.

1992 Art lead on the World’s first location based virtual reality fantasy role playing game, Legend Quest.

1992 Legend Quest awarded Virtual Reality Product of the Year.

1994 Co-founded Silicon Dreams game development studio.

1995 Designed Fever Pitch soccer game that spends a number of weeks at number 2 in the UK charts.

1997 Top Gear Rally sells over 740,000 units worldwide on N64.

2001 Unreal2 wins numerous awards at E3.

2009 Founded GED Studios.

Here are some of the review comments on projects I have art directed.

Gamepro, Spider, “beautiful graphics will help sell the game”.

EGM2, Spider, “…the game sports incredible graphics…”.

Nintendo Power, Top Gear Rally, “..the most realistic road environments ever.”.

Electric Playground, 90% rating ..”, “…graphic details that help make Top Gear nearly perfect visually.”

IGN64, Top Gear Rally, 8/10 graphic rating, “the graphics are amazingly clean and crisp make this a visual tour-de-force.”., Twisted Edge, 4/5 stars, “a racer that’s as sleek and smooth as polished ice”

Nintendo Power, Twisted Edge, “..some of the most stunningly realistic graphics we’ve ever seen.”.

IGN64, World Driver Championship, 10/10 Graphic score, “The best looking N64 racer yet.”., World Driver Championship, 5/5 stars “Easily the most impressive aspect of this title is its eye-popping graphics and visual effects.”.

Total 64, World Driver Championship, “graphics are absolutely stunning.”.

Nintendo Power, World Driver Championship, “challenges the best looking arcade racers for sheer beauty.”

Daily, Stunt Racer 64, “top notch graphics.”.

Nintendorks, Stunt Racer 64, “high quality, gorgeous graphics.”.

IGN64, Stunt Racer 64, 9/10 Graphic score, “the slickest set of racing visuals we have ever seen on the Nintendo 64.”., Stunt Racer 64, 4.5/5 stars, “The game looks great..”.,

Game, Mission Impossible, “As for the characters, they’re wonderfully well rendered”.

GamePro, Mission Impossible, “MI’s rich environments and lighting are the best part of the graphics, creating eye-catching scenery”.

I have also worked on some of the most visually outstanding games, but not as art director, these include Unreal 2 and Borderlands 2.